Monday, March 15, 2010

Marketing Strategies online

A dwarf on the shoulder of a giants sees the further of the two. ~ George Herbert
Many of us have been out there scouring the net for the best Marketing Strategies Online We are all trying to get the right tools that are just at the push of a button. Miraculous tools are available today. One thing that I just mentioned is the very key to the many tools coming into the future, Automation, at the push of a button. With the millions of clients available on the internet every day, there certainly is an abundance of fruit to be picked. But how are they to be picked is the very question to be answered. The Truth is the marketing tools with an opt in list is the answer. That opt in list, is going to save you loads of time and money.
The actually reality is, there is an ocean full of fish, and they all need the right library card to find their way to you. That's where the Marketing Strategies online come into effect. Being that we all hate spam, one key is to have a double opt in to keep everybody friends on the planet. You need to build the list, get the messages to the list, Keep track of who they are, If they join, what they need, how they got to your list, have a free start up program that helps them understand where they are headed, and whats available to them. The biggest thing is a step by step plan with plenty of available help, very easily available. Many businesses, that is their Downfall.
You, really do need these basics-
* A link tracker to attach to your capture page and all your ads, so you know where all your customers are going to, or coming from.
* A capture page, capture page creator- to start the building of the list.
* Auto responders- so your customers can get their information on a regulated basis.
* A Contact manager- with note sections so you can keep track of who is in your business, and where they are on there track to success
Other recommended Marketing strategies online are-
* SEO Tools- so those customers can find your website.and keep you on top of the search results.
* A Program Builder>- for future clients, to Automate some of those sales and marketing systems so their information falls into the right categories for their capture pages and their auto responders.
* URl Rotators- to rotate among your ads for promotion of programs, services, or multiple products.
I am a man of many quotes and will keep inspiring as time goes on, I promise you that
Our standards must be set high to satisfy our inner peace.
Truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.
--Flannery O'Connor
You must have a strong emotional why to keep on the steady track of improvement
We must stand together; if we don't, there will be no victory for any one of us. ~ Mother Jones
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marketing strategies online

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