Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Enjoying life?

Are YOU Enjoying Life ?
Many years ago I wrote an article and called it - asking the right questions, but it was all about business. Today I write about enjoying life. So many of us, me included for many years, have been riding the wave, whatever comes are way. That is by a natural process that we had nothing to do with. Mundane habits we go through over and over. Get up go to work come home. Have you ever had a feeling about realizing what is happening, it seems at realization as you think about it that habit you do repeatedly every day like taking a shower? I'm talking about getting caught in the conveyor belt, having to go through the same old track over and over, then finally after many years of this, it finally hits your mind. What kind of a life is this?
So I asked myself, How can I enjoy life more? Aha! Find the right questions and answer them and vwala! the answer is there! So what are the right questions? Here are a few maybe you can think of more?
What have you been given, that you enjoy?
What do you enjoy?
Its all around us every day, just look for it!
You have to do the research, and like flowers they will bloom.
search all parameter's you can think of, expand on them every day.
There are many good things out there waiting for us to enjoy, and share.
But you have to choose a slight few, and find the best ways to enjoy them.Create your best environment. Believe its possible and it is.

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